The DBA’s Desk

It is Friday and thankfully I’m knee-deep in SQL Server work today (instead of, say, sitting in meetings). It seemed like the perfect opportunity to open the kimono a bit and show you what the DBA’s desk looks like.

The DBA's Desk

This was only partially staged. I got rid of the dust bunnies.

This shot showcases the non-computer tools required by the proficient DBA. Each item was carefully selected and is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL to accomplishing the DBA’s job. I’ll explain. [Read more...]

Resources for Learning More About SQL Server Internals

A while back, I spent about a month working through several SQL Server performance issues after upgrading three systems from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005. During that time I would realize that my knowledge of how SQL actually manages data at a low level was sketchy. In the process of resolving said sketchiness, I came across a few resources that proved helpful. [Read more...]

Hiring Contract Programmers

Derek Sivers is the founder of CDBaby. He is a musician that learned to program and build websites in his quest to promote his music. He sold  CDBaby (sort of) for $22 million in 2008 and has a blog that touches on music, programming, business and some broader aspects of life. These are some of my favorite topics and I like the fact that he is able to weave all of those topics together so skillfully. His blog is worth sticking in your RSS reader and I wanted to bring your attention to one post in particular: How to hire a programmer to make your ideas happen. [Read more...]

Technical Support and Troubleshooting

In 2007 I did a one year stint providing technical support to our clients. During that time I put together a one page guide on support and troubleshooting to help other people. A little later that year, I spent time training in Kepner-Tregoe’s KT Resolve process. KT Resolve was a lot more in depth than what I came up with but similar in a couple of ways. I found KT Resolve to be a thorough process but too formal and heavy for most situations I encountered. [Read more...]