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The Well-Dressed DBA

October 22, 2010 — 1 Comment

Don’t laugh.

You may not be aware of this fact but DBAs (database administrators) are actually world renowned for their impeccable display of sartorial savvy. What the average man knows about fashion would fit nicely within a CHAR(4) field. What the DBA knows about fashion requires a VARCHAR(MAX) field. At least.

By the way, the author would have you know that he can speak with total and complete authority on female DBA fashion as well as male. But he will let a female DBA tackle her own sex. Today he will tackle only the male.

Moving right along then, we will begin at the bottom and work our way to the top. Continue Reading…

Like it or not, office politics is an inescapable part of working in a corporate environment. It may not always be visible but it is always there. It is a kind of game. Those that understand it and aren’t personally offended by it often get along well. Those that don’t understand it or are personally offended by it? Not so much. Continue Reading…

I wrote the other day about some of the reasons why small teams of outstanding people might be more effective than larger teams of average people.

Maybe in a perfect world we could all agree. The rub though is that in practice, finding outstanding people and getting them to work for you can be tricky. Continue Reading…

Thumbing through a copy of Revolutionizing IT: The Art of Using Information Technology Effectively, one thing was singled out as a core principle and repeated a couple of times:

A modest number of outstanding people are more valuable than a large number of average ones.

Continue Reading…

Office life would not be possible without the hard take-offs and landings effected by coffee and alcohol. @alaindebotton

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