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I’m currently reading Clayton Christensen’s How Will You Measure Your Life. Before hitting Add to Cart on Amazon I spent a few minutes searching the web for things he’s written and for things written about him. I came away with several quotes and ideas. The guy is something else. From Forbes:

I’m an optimistic person. But for the first time in my life, with all my problems, I focused more and more on me–and it was depressing, literally. Sometimes I just wanted to quit trying to learn and speak and write again and just go into my basement and build furniture. I learned an important lesson from this. I learned that focusing on my own problems does not bring happiness. God didn’t say, “Okay. For those with problems it’s okay to focus on yourself. And for those who don’t have problems, I want you to focus on helping others.” Even in dire times God does not exempt me from his commandment to focus my life on others, because it transforms hardship to joy.

Another article ends with this powerful quote:

The person I decide to be has to be robust enough that it doesn’t matter what happens in my life… Life will happen to me. But I don’t want what happens in life to determine who Clay Christensen becomes.

Somebody on Twitter asked about Toastmasters recently. I went for few months last year and it wasn’t right for me. But maybe my thoughts on Toastmasters can help somebody decide if it is right for them. It comes down to what you’re looking to get out of it. Continue Reading…

I’ve been studying for my MCTS Examp 70-448 the last month and a half and have found my ability to block things out and focus for long stretches of time to be lacking. And I don’t think it is the somewhat dry nature of the material. I’m tackling an engaging book on a different topic in my spare time and find the same thing — my attention seems much less disciplined than it used to be. Continue Reading…

The first speech you give when you join Toastmasters is called The Icebreaker. It’s designed to ease you into public speaking. The assignment is to speak for 4 – 6 minutes about yourself.

Creating the speech was more challenging than I thought it would be. But the writing was fun and so was delivering it.

Here is The Icebreaker I gave tonight. Continue Reading…